Lake Mason and the Firestone Fires

12-yr. old Lake Mason only wants two things in life: to avoid going to Crattville (Crapville) Middle School, and to be a secret agent someday. When he wins a chance to compete for a scholarship to the exclusive Firestone School he jumps in; but the further he advances in the competition…

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Author, Bryan Allain

Bryan Allain is a large-nostrilled mammal. He was born and raised in Massachusetts and now lives in Lancaster County, PA. He enjoys playing golf, writing books, and eating sharp cheddar cheese—but not all at the same time because that would be hard.

Lake Mason Book 2!

Earlier this year I started journaling the process of dreaming up, writing, and selling the second book of my self-published middle grade novel series. Check out the channel, subscribe and come along for the ride.

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